Sunday, January 29, 2012

inspired by....

Lately I have been really interested in embroidery art and in my internet perusings I came across Takashi Iwasaki I love the texture, color and composition of his works. so inspiring.

p.s. have you seen this beautiful photo project?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

dirty little secret

okay, heres my secret.....I HATE taking showers in the winter....are you totally grossed out?? heres the deal, it's not the actual shower, I love being all warm in a hot shower, its the getting out and being freezing for forever and having to do something with my massive amount of wet hair and all of the personal grooming that goes into a gals (at least this gal's) post shower routine! I am constantly amazed that my husband can take a shower and be entirely ready to go in 10 minutes. It takes me at least an hour to recover from a shower and I never feel like I can really warm back up! ( disclaimer...I am a big fan of the cat bath, a washcloth and a sink can mask, i mean, clean a lot!) Why am I admitting all this?? well, this is my roundabout way of trying to justify my crazy top-knot/ Pebbles Flinstone hair. This is the only hairstyle that I can muster after 4 days of not showering... oh the lengths I'll go to in order to not be cold!! sheesh!
have a wonderful/warm day!

outfit details: coat & boots: Forever 21, jeans: American Apparel, blouse: thrifted

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

happy birthday! (to me)

I spent this past weekend celebrating and relaxing in honor of my birthday! 28 is shaping up to be a wonderful year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

rewind it back: NYE

I realize that the new year has come and gone but, better late than never right?? Every year for nye my bar tending hubby works, so I am left to my own party devices... this year I was fortunate enough to model for an awesome event here in KC. I wore the beautiful stylings of WE ARE TRIBE Accessories and Clothing , an Etsy and sometimes pop-up shop of amazingly styled vintage finds, which is run by two inspiringly fashionable KC gals. Can you tell that I LOVE what these girls are doing??? lovelovelove. Be sure to check out the WE ARE TRIBE blog, which shows all of the other stunning models from the night!

Here are some behind the scenes shots....unfortunately I was a bit of a party pooper, as I was feeling pretty under the weather (alright, I was down right sick, but no way was I gonna miss this night!!)...can you tell how good I felt??

can you believe these shoes I wore?? I hardly ever wear heels, I'm tall enough as it is.... in these bad boys I was a whopping 6'4"!

all photos by Craig Klein

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

goodbye Kansas

Kansas skies say the prettiest goodbyes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


my sweet sister in law took these photos while we were still in Kansas for Christmas seems like it was way more than just a week ago that I wasn't working and I was spending my days relaxing with family. My vacation went by waaay too fast in a whirl of gifts and food and friends and sickness and some wild nights (NEW YEARS EVE, wow!)! Now I have to reacclimate myself to working my normal 9-5/m-f gig (after a month of working Nutcracker in the theater and then a week of vacation it is proving VERY difficult to wake up in the am!)

I took down all of our christmas decorations this week, so sad... my living room looks very large without the tree, and my kitty misses knocking down every ornament. alas. Speaking of christmas...this cute lacey top was an x-mas gift from my sister and these new jeans are one of my fave xmas scores! yay christmas... I will miss you sooo! until next year!

outfit details: jeans:Cheap Monday, top: Target, coat and boots: Forever 21