Tuesday, November 13, 2012

changes are a happening!

Ah another blogging absence... but this time I have a REALLY good excuse... for the past 3 months I've basically felt like poo, like I've had the tired, sick, can't get out of the house everyday grossness....any ideas what's wrong with me??  yup! that's right, I'm pregnant!

We are over the moon excited! and I am excited to share all of my fun baby projects and preparations here on the blog!  I can't promise a lot of outfit photos as I've been feeling a bit less than photo ready lately, but who knows, maybe I'll perk up and show how I am trying to retain my style and still be comfortable (although honestly some days I could live in my pajamas!)

p.s. isn't this photo adorable?  big props to our cousin Lindsey for being our favorite photographer!!! thanks!