Friday, February 15, 2013

Wearing: 28 weeks pregnant

Ah, the variety and choices are endless, I know. I could wear cute maternity jeans with various trendy tops, tights and trim looking dresses and any other combination of cute maternity wear that I've seen on other blogs (and pinterest of course), but my go to look is one simple formula.... leggings + dress that used to be baggy on me and now barely buttons + moccasins = one happy/ comfortable mama-to-be.  And I just can't get out of that while this isn't the cutest, most fashion forward anything, it is comfortable and it is what I generally wear.  Notice how I tried to distract you from my boring outfit with cute hair and a new bracelet-ring (a ringlet? a bring?) thingy?!

*thanks to Geoff for taking these photos!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!


Going through some old photos and I came across these never posted ones and I started to feel very nostalgic about my waist!!  Oh, my lovely little waist that I always thought was too big! How Delusional I was back then!  These days I've not only lost my waist but I can't seem to locate my lower ribs either?!  (or see my toes very well for that matter)  ....So this is the outfit I would wear on this lovely Valentines Day if I wasn't the luckiest pregnant girl around! Cause lets be honest, sure I have moments of wistful yearning for my skinnier days, but in the end I am a girl who loves her crazy big belly and the little man that gets to swim around in there all day  (say 'Hi" to my ribs little man, I'll see them in a few months!)

Happy Valentines Day!