Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wedding countdown! T-4!

we have four days to go until the big day! I am so excited, and can hardly believe that it is this weekend! Today is going to be extra special because my sister is coming to town and tonight is my bachelorette party! (and the whole thing is a surprise, as a bit of a control freak it has been very hard for me to just let my friends do this for me, but im sure it'll be worth it!)

I leave you with 4 jam jars and votives...in honor of our 4 days to go....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

flags and flowers

this post is more about wedding crafts rather than my outfit, but I did want to show off this cute flower skirt that I got this summer at the NYC H &M  (which I looove).  
outfit details: skirt:H&M, top: Walmart, shoes: Aldo
Now, on to the main event.. notice those flags behind me?  these are one of the many projects that I've been working on to decorate my upcoming nuptials (only 11 days till the big day).... I rather like how they look strung in my backyard, I may have to hang them about after the wedding.
check out this fuzzy caterpillar I found! so cool!
The flags were really pretty easy to make... here's how...

I made a template (out of a magazine page) it measure 6" long and 3 1/2" across
using the template I cut the fabric ...
and once I had lots of different colors.... I strung them together on twine, using a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine!

..et voila!  I can't wait to see how they look all strung up at the wedding!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

one day : four outfits

So, I've been thinking....  when I normally post an outfit it is just what I wore for the majority of the day (at the begining of the day/ outfit, so it is fresh and uncrumpled), but truth is on an average day I wear several outfits... not all of them are very well thought out, but hey you can't expect a girl to work out/ walk my dog in heels. So, here is what I came up with.... an average day (Sunday) in outfits.

first thing in the AM... gotta walk the dog!
Our morning walks are long and hot, so I try to not wear a whole lot, obviously! these gem of a pair of shorts used to be my dads! sooooo short!
outfit details: tank: Urban outfitters, shorts: dads hand me downs, sneakers: Walmart

all gussied up for brunch.
On the weekends I get to be a wee bit more sexy .... I probably couldn't get away with this short of a skirt at work, not to mention that I would flash people all day long!  I am newly obsessed with this top, it is flowy and ethereal and hides my brunch belly! 
Outfit Details: skirt and top: Forever 21

walk # 2!
yup, its the second walk, not quite as long... but I just ditched the pretty top for an old scuzzy one and traded the heels for my sneakers, isn't Patrick a lucky dog?!
outfit details: skirt :Forever 21, t-shirt: old, thrifted

going out with friends!
after our evening walk I re-donned my cream top, but paired it with some short shorts (again totally not work appropriate, so I gotta wear them when I can!) and my trusty black cowboy boots!
outfit details:top: Forever 21, shorts:American Apparel

WHEW! and that is my day in outfits!  Actually, this is a short list of outfits, some days I wear upwards of 5 different outfit combos...... exhausting, right?  not really, just nerdy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

short and spazy!

that title is in reference to the blog post, not me! (I'm 5'10", thank you very much!)  So its obvious that I have been seriously MIA in the blogo-world, so in an effort to not disappear completely I am hurriedly writing this post before I hope on a plane and head to Denver (again) for the weekend!.... here's a little recap of what I've been doing...

-wedding planning
-trip to NYC!
-trip to ALASKA!!!!
-trip to Denver
-wedding planning
-summer fun (pool sitting)
-wedding planning
-adopting a dog!

and on that last note, let me tell you about the newest member of our family.... Patrick! I have been calling him Thor (any other nerds out there get the Lost Boys reference?)  any who he is a short haired American Eskimo, he's super sweet and fun... but this is seriously the best photo I could get of us (pretty pathetic) he kept trying to eat the grass and I was being attacked by mosquitoes... 

okay, its time to go to Denver for my Bridal Shower!  should be fun.. and I promise a more thorough catchup later!