Thursday, August 5, 2010

short and spazy!

that title is in reference to the blog post, not me! (I'm 5'10", thank you very much!)  So its obvious that I have been seriously MIA in the blogo-world, so in an effort to not disappear completely I am hurriedly writing this post before I hope on a plane and head to Denver (again) for the weekend!.... here's a little recap of what I've been doing...

-wedding planning
-trip to NYC!
-trip to ALASKA!!!!
-trip to Denver
-wedding planning
-summer fun (pool sitting)
-wedding planning
-adopting a dog!

and on that last note, let me tell you about the newest member of our family.... Patrick! I have been calling him Thor (any other nerds out there get the Lost Boys reference?)  any who he is a short haired American Eskimo, he's super sweet and fun... but this is seriously the best photo I could get of us (pretty pathetic) he kept trying to eat the grass and I was being attacked by mosquitoes... 

okay, its time to go to Denver for my Bridal Shower!  should be fun.. and I promise a more thorough catchup later!


Say Say B said...

Love this pic!!! Miss you!

on-dree-ah said...

dang girl! look at 'dem legs! yous lookin' good!

Angela said...

This is my favorite photo!