Thursday, June 17, 2010

engagement photos!

yay! so we got our engagement photos back, and they look pretty good! im gonna go ahead and put most of them on here (so beware... lots of photos ahead!).... enjoy!

all photos by John Taylor

making the cut!

so... i woke up this morning and thought I'd just trow on one of my many romper/jumpers (by the by, is there a difference between the two are they the same thing?.... I digress) So I put on this jumper which I'd scored for $3.00 at Walmart the
 other day (Miley Cyrus/ Max Azra brand)... 

and since I , per usual, didn't try it on at the store, I discovered that my 5'10" frame was too long for the jumper, resulting in some serious camel toe! yikes.  So, undeterred, I ran down to my studio and chopped the sucka in two!  
TADA... now I have two items of clothing instead of just one!  I love me a deal and a top and shorts for just 3 bucks is definitely a great deal!
I have been luxuriating in the nothingness of summer, and in my laziness I've been avoiding my computer, but I am gonna try to be a more vigilant blogger... I have some exciting travelling coming up and lots of wedding craftiness! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

once upon a time....

so, if you read my last post you saw those paper moons I was into... right? well, I ended up making a moon and hanging it in our backyard for our engagement photo shoot!  the engagement shoot was a success and I am just waiting on the prints from the photographer... but I figured... since I have this fun moon and stars in my backyard I should do a little photo shoot of my own.... 
(*Warning,this post is super, image heavy!*hehe) I wanted something that looked vintagey, and like something I would NEVER wear, so I layered some petticoats and put on some heels and voila!  I only wish that I had a flowered crown!  I was feeling a bit like I was in a fairy tale except that it was a million degrees out and I was dripping sweat.  And even though I was all alone in my backyard, I was feeling pretty self-conscious  in this uber girly outfit(I'm just not used to looking so frilly) but, all in all, I had a fun time (I am just loving these lazy summer days where I can take the time to do silly/dorky things like this!)
p.s. I had my wedding hair-do run-thru today! (hence, the fancy hair)  I'm so excited, all of these little wedding details are starting to happen!