Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Union Station

I've mentioned it before, but just as a recap,I'll let you know that I am lucky enough to hold a great job as a costumer for the Kansas City Ballet.... along this vein there is a lot of new and exciting things happening in my world of work (and in Kansas City) The first being that there is a brand new Performing Arts Center, that we (the ballet, as well as the Lyric Opera and the Symphony) will be using! It is a lovely and innovative building and I can't wait to use the new space for our fall show! The second exciting news has been all consuming for me and my co-workers for the past month, the ballet itself has a new home, The Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity! This is the space where all of the pre-performance magic happens. There are studios where the dancers rehearse, offices from which the business is run and (dumdumdum) a lovely costume shop! Where yours truely is priveliged to work!

Our new building is adjacent to our city train station, Union Station, which makes a lovely backdrop for photos, what with the trains zooming by and all. I've had fun exploring the area on my down time and can't wait to take some romantic/nostalgic feeling outfit+train photos, but for now, alas, you get my moving clothes (shorts and a tee) and some trains zooming by!

outfit details: shirt: Target, shorts: thrifted, shoes: Steve & Barry's

Monday, August 22, 2011


just a quick post this AM, summer is winding down and work is winding up! I'm going to be a style geek here and make a declaration of love with a item of clothing! I gotta say that this is my favorite skirt! ever. I feel 70's sophisticated (is that possible?), and lady-like, yet comfy.... In general I feel fabulous in this outfit....

outfit details: skirt: thrifted, tank: F21, shoes: mall (dyed by me)

unfortunately my tomato plants which were thriving were blown over in a storm a few days and I fear my season of tomato is done! I was pulling of a bountiful amount everyday (handfuls full!)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY: jewelry hanger

Like a lot of girls (and maybe some guys?) I have a serious soft spot for shiny/pretty things, sooooome people might even say that I have an excess of them. All of the jewelry that I use most often was stored willy-nilly in a bowl on the bathroom counter, so I spent a good amount of time every morning untangeling and sorting thru it all. In an effort to organize all of these gems I came up with this handy little DIY.

so here are all of my goods, organized and looking pretty on my kitchen table (to the great excitement of Simon, my cat! he tried to knock it all off)

Supplies: picture frame, which I found at a thrift store. The window screening, hooks, piping were bought at the hardware store for less than $10. The acrylic paint was from my studio, but could be easily found at any craft store.

The first thing I did was paint the frame...

Once the paint had dried I nailed the screening to the frame (I would of used a staple gun... if I had one, but I just improvised and used some tacs that I found in my husbands tool box)

then I simply screwed in several hooks along the top of the frame and used two more fanciful hooks on the bottom to hold some thin metal piping.

and, VOILA! A stylish and tidy jewelry stand/hanger!


For some reason I only know about two jokes... my brain doesn't seem to be able to hold more, despite my efforts to repeat a joke over and over to myself once I've heard a good one.... but lucky you I always remember this one...

a mama tomato a daddy tomato and a baby tomato are out for a walk. the baby tomato is lagging behind to the great annoyance of his parents, finally in a fit of annoyance the daddy tomato turns around and slams his fist down, saying "KATCHUP!"

now that I've actually written this joke out I am realizing how its sort of an awful joke (abuse and family turmoil and all that)....sorry. But the whole point I was trying to make is that in an effort to "catch up" with the blog here I am posting some older photos from a few weeks ago.

These shorts were a longer pair of culottes that I thrifted and in normal Joey fashion, immediately cut off about a foot of length! perfect for these warm summa days!

outfit details: tank: Forever 21, shorts: thrifted, shoes: old