Thursday, July 1, 2010

is there any chance I can see tina fey? (aka,my trip to nyc)

view from the "Top of the Rock" (p.s. I heart tina fey)
so.... as I mentioned in my previous post, I just got back from a week-long vacation in the big Apple!  I was accompanying my cousins and basically along for the (free)ride! We did all the fun touristy things that  scream nyc!  Empire state building, MOMA, the Met, Natural history museum, boat cruise, Coney Island, broadway show (Billy Elliot), top of 30 Rock (and, yes, I was desperately trying to glimpse a view of ms. Tina Fey... to no avail, but it was a great view!)

Coney Islands famous corn dogs!
this is actually called "Shoot the Freak!" it was totally barbaric, and great!

top of the Empire State Building
to say the least we packed a LOT into 5 days, not to mention that I met up with old friends and ate great food!  I was kind of a camera bum.. i.e. I didn't take a lot of photos (I was to busy doing stuff!) but here are a few snaps from all of the adventures!
walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, so this photo requires a confession!  This is me and my cousin waiting in line for the midnight premier of Eclipse!  yup! it was awesome, and I revel in my dorkiness! hehehe

wedding invites!

whew! Ive been soooo busy!  I feel like I haven't sat down in front of my computer for FOR_EV_ER!  I just got back from spending a week in NYC with some cousins, and tomorrow I leave for another great adventure in Alaska! 
my entire wedding invitation set, all bundled up!
but before I left I had to be sure and send out all of my wedding invitations!  this was a wee bit stressful, but pretty awesome and fun.  I printed all of the invites at home (with the amazing help of my talented/arty friend Nikki) we used her Gocco printer (a small screen printer) and the bird image was drawn by my talented mom!  
the printing process (step one)
the invitation!
the RSVP: front and back
I love the way they turned out! I feel like they are setting the tone for the wedding (and we got the first rsvp in the mail today!) yay
unbundled:RSVP, directions, invite, envelope