Saturday, March 28, 2009

salt and pepper.

I recently visited my boyfriends home town of Hutchinson, Kansas.  Although the primary goal of our trip was to watch NCAA basketball (Rock Chalk Jayhawk), we also visited the famous, Carey Salt museum .  Beneath the town of Hutchinson lie miles and miles of salt mines used to provide road and table salt.  We went on a tour of the museum with my boyfriends family and travelled 650 ft underground into the pure and pristine salt mines.  I expected the mines to be dirty and dark like the mines I'd visited in grade school in Colorado, but the salt mines were pristine and clean.  In fact the salt is such a good preservative  that many famous movies, like Gone With The Wind, and costumes (batman, Superman, James Deans shirts) are stored in a salt mine archive!  I had a great time learning about the salt, and even got to take a hunk home!  (although all I really wanted to do was lick the wall, apparently that is against the rules!!!)  
I found this cool artist, Motoi Yamamoto, who uses salt in a completely differently way (not as road salt, but as art!)  ENJOY.  

Friday, March 27, 2009

copy cat.

so my fabulous and fashionable friend, Angela, who i've mentioned before has a nice blog, Thoughts on Spots, showing all her fabulous creativity, and im gonna copy her because she has been posting all of her outfits and they are totally cute.  So yesterday I had to go to work real early (I am currently working on the Wardrobe crew of Phantom of the Opera)  So I have to wear dark colors back stage and comfy shoes are an essential, especially on the days that I have two shows.  

I am wearing my favorite jeans by BDG, from Urban outfitters, an old mens button up from goodwill, a kids raincoat and my favorite embroidered backpack that I've had since middle school.  (that's Simon chilling on the floor)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super Duper!

       So, i know i've been absent but i just had to post about this real quick cause its REAL awesome!  so, here's the deal, yesterday I was at work and i got a text from my friend Lily who was like 'hey, didn't you just make a Supergirl costume?!  I think its on the cover of Ink'  (Ink is one of Kansas City's local, weekly papers)  So, I ran out and nabbed a paper on my break and low and behold, right on the cover is my supergirl! 
   So heres the low-down: a few weeks ago a real cute girl named Jessica contacted me through another friend, Jessica is a fitness competitor who offered to dress as supergirl for a friends both at Comicon.  Instead of ordering a pre-made costume she found me and had her very own costume made!  It was a pretty fun project, I combined a few of my boss, Lola's, trusty patterns  (Ballet skirt, Rockette panties, long sleeve leo).  The hardest part was the "S" logo, which I ended up doing in reverse applique.  She looks great, a total cutie, what a treat that my piece will be on the cover of the paper all week!  Check it out at