Friday, March 27, 2009

copy cat.

so my fabulous and fashionable friend, Angela, who i've mentioned before has a nice blog, Thoughts on Spots, showing all her fabulous creativity, and im gonna copy her because she has been posting all of her outfits and they are totally cute.  So yesterday I had to go to work real early (I am currently working on the Wardrobe crew of Phantom of the Opera)  So I have to wear dark colors back stage and comfy shoes are an essential, especially on the days that I have two shows.  

I am wearing my favorite jeans by BDG, from Urban outfitters, an old mens button up from goodwill, a kids raincoat and my favorite embroidered backpack that I've had since middle school.  (that's Simon chilling on the floor)


Carole Buschmann said...

Well I think you are totally cute. Go for it!!! Mom

Angela said...

shoot girl, i copied you by making my own blog in the first place. you are a cutie, keep it coming.