Monday, February 23, 2009

rut, rooow.

Well, I've been woefully absent from my blog and for this i am sorry, i really have no good excuse, I've just been avoiding my computer in general lately, but I have been busy, so I have lots to tell!  
I went a little over the top on Valentines day (very time -consuming).  I LOVE vale
ntines day, not just because I have someone fabulous to share it with, but because how can you hate on a holiday that just wants to promote love!?!  I think its a great time to let everyone in my life know how much they mean to me.  So, I made valentines for everyone that I love.  For all of my out of town friends I made these little postcards that have a fabric heart cutout from some of my old dyeing projects.

For all of my local friends I made these cute little fabric bags and filled them up with home-baked cookies (they were white chocolate and craisin flavored, and really delicious)
To top off all of my crafting I made this really cool little vignette for a
 'Valentines craft swap' through the  Free People Blog . So I made this and sent it to a girl in Washington state and I recieved a great package from her (full of valentines jewels!)
The little birdies are needle-felted, which is my new favorite crafting project!  I was introduced to this kind of needle felting (the 3-d sort)  at a great store in Denver, called Fancy Tiger!

whew, all of this valentines crafts and im still not done, best save the rest for later (this is what I get for procrastinating so long!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

things i love.

one of the best things about living in Kansas City is my amazing group of lovely, talented and inspiring girlfriends!  im lucky enough to have a great bunch of girls who are interested in similar things as i am (fashion, crafting, music, and being fabulous in general!)  I thought i'd take this moment to showcase one of these great girls... here is a pic of my pal Angela, who is looking adorable and wearing one of my personal favorite styles (high-waisted jeans)  I was actually with her when she bought this gem of a pair of pants and i tried to squeeze my substantially larger bum into a tiny size, alas, they were made for her and she looks fabulous, as per usual!

heart my heart.

well, its official, i have cabin fever, ive been antsy and grumpy all week, but someone's looking out for me cause today is G to the OREGEOUS!  so a lovely day like today is deserving of some fun art!  and in honor of the impending day of love ive made some valentine-themed renderings! 

Monday, February 2, 2009


so... the other day i saw a girl at the bar who was so cute and fashionable and pretty and .... obviously i have a huge girl crush on her...anyway, she was wearing a large mens shirt (i wish i'd gotten a photo) and on the back of the shirt was this giant quilted/medallion type thingy.  whew, so, all of this got me thinking... that thought that all of us crafty girls always think but never follow through on... "i could make that!"   

and low and behold!  I did it!  with my own little twist of course, i decided to embroider my 'medallion- thingy' (technical term).  It was one of my first attempts at embroidery so its a little wobbly, but im digging it!  And now im working on one for my boyfriend (as a Kansas boy i think that he was won over by the wheat-theme) he wants the same motif, but on the front!