Monday, February 2, 2009


so... the other day i saw a girl at the bar who was so cute and fashionable and pretty and .... obviously i have a huge girl crush on her...anyway, she was wearing a large mens shirt (i wish i'd gotten a photo) and on the back of the shirt was this giant quilted/medallion type thingy.  whew, so, all of this got me thinking... that thought that all of us crafty girls always think but never follow through on... "i could make that!"   

and low and behold!  I did it!  with my own little twist of course, i decided to embroider my 'medallion- thingy' (technical term).  It was one of my first attempts at embroidery so its a little wobbly, but im digging it!  And now im working on one for my boyfriend (as a Kansas boy i think that he was won over by the wheat-theme) he wants the same motif, but on the front!

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Sam said...

Really cute joey! I love the wheat.