Wednesday, March 23, 2011

golden toes.

I got this brilliant idea this morning to dye my bjorn sandals to make them more everyday rather than the weird pastel colors that they were! and I am very pleased with the results! I used a light brown leather stain (that looks sort of cordavan now, but I like it) In my extreme impatience I put the shoes on RIGHT after I dyed them and now my toes (heck, my whole feet) are a sort of golden brown color! haha. at least they match my awesome, thrifted, power suit jacket!

from this.....

to this!

outfit details: jeans: Forever 21, top: thrifted, shoes: sale at Dillards

... funny fact.... this pants are NOT capris! they are supposed to be full length on the average person (I am just a giant, woops)


Junebug Funeral said...

forever 21 pants on a normal sized human being is always a little zany! you look gorgeous. i just wanted to say the shoe-dying was genius they became SO EFFING CUTE! please dress me! ;-)

Iulia Romana said...

Hey dear, I've just found your blog and it is super cool! I love the result of your DIY project and also the color of blouse :)

Great style !