Tuesday, March 1, 2011

witchy lady.

well, I've finally succumbed to the maxi dress trend (p.s. I hate saying maxi dress, too much like maxi pad?, just awkward to say in general) anywho, I found I couldn't go all in with the full length maxi and ended up breaking up the silhouette with my favorite mini sweater, what can I say six feet of solid dress just seemed like too much! but I DO love this dress and am feeling very bohemian and witchy in it.

I've been CRAZY busy, working 3 jobs all last week (ballet, like normal & Grease, the broadway show & house sitting) whew! but it's all worth it, cause I am saving up for a girls trip to San Francisco with my two besties! can't wait, can't wait!
outfit details: dress, boots: Forever 21, sweater: thrifted


Junebug Funeral said...

you are such a babe! love the dress w. the boots! it reminds me of Daria.

Vicki said...

Love the outfit esp the boots! wow 3 jobs thats crazy!! xo