Monday, March 21, 2011

tougher please.

I rarely gravitate to really girly garments, but for some reason I really like this light colored floral dress, I tried to toughen it up a bit (belt & boots), so I wouldn't feel totally out of my element, as I don't really think of myself as "girly" ( I probably have a higher opinion of my toughness than is merited, but we won't get into that whole self-image thing just now... we could be here a while)

It was beautiful and 80 degrees today! but crazy windy, which led to some rather revealing moments in my short dress.... woops. (super tough, right?)

my mom got me these awesome "chief" earrings for my birthday. please excuse the awkward face grimace, the wind was beating my face.

and I can't believe that I haven't yet introduced you to the new loves of my life... my new boots (and, yes, I am that shallow). Im obsessed, I've barely taken them off since I got them ( I actually couldn't take them off when I first put them on. they were a wee bit tight for my crazy high arches, but, alas they were beaten into submission and are now my constant companion.) I bet you didn't think I could wax that eloquently about a pair of inanimate objects.

speaking of tough girls. I've been listening to this song incessantly, it is my anthem of spring (life maybe?) I heart Those Darlins and can't wait for their new CD!


Jose Ray said...

Way too much smiling to be tough, just go with the cuteness, Joey.

Joey said...

dngggit JosE!