Sunday, August 7, 2011


For some reason I only know about two jokes... my brain doesn't seem to be able to hold more, despite my efforts to repeat a joke over and over to myself once I've heard a good one.... but lucky you I always remember this one...

a mama tomato a daddy tomato and a baby tomato are out for a walk. the baby tomato is lagging behind to the great annoyance of his parents, finally in a fit of annoyance the daddy tomato turns around and slams his fist down, saying "KATCHUP!"

now that I've actually written this joke out I am realizing how its sort of an awful joke (abuse and family turmoil and all that)....sorry. But the whole point I was trying to make is that in an effort to "catch up" with the blog here I am posting some older photos from a few weeks ago.

These shorts were a longer pair of culottes that I thrifted and in normal Joey fashion, immediately cut off about a foot of length! perfect for these warm summa days!

outfit details: tank: Forever 21, shorts: thrifted, shoes: old

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