Thursday, June 17, 2010

making the cut!

so... i woke up this morning and thought I'd just trow on one of my many romper/jumpers (by the by, is there a difference between the two are they the same thing?.... I digress) So I put on this jumper which I'd scored for $3.00 at Walmart the
 other day (Miley Cyrus/ Max Azra brand)... 

and since I , per usual, didn't try it on at the store, I discovered that my 5'10" frame was too long for the jumper, resulting in some serious camel toe! yikes.  So, undeterred, I ran down to my studio and chopped the sucka in two!  
TADA... now I have two items of clothing instead of just one!  I love me a deal and a top and shorts for just 3 bucks is definitely a great deal!
I have been luxuriating in the nothingness of summer, and in my laziness I've been avoiding my computer, but I am gonna try to be a more vigilant blogger... I have some exciting travelling coming up and lots of wedding craftiness! 

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