Sunday, August 22, 2010

one day : four outfits

So, I've been thinking....  when I normally post an outfit it is just what I wore for the majority of the day (at the begining of the day/ outfit, so it is fresh and uncrumpled), but truth is on an average day I wear several outfits... not all of them are very well thought out, but hey you can't expect a girl to work out/ walk my dog in heels. So, here is what I came up with.... an average day (Sunday) in outfits.

first thing in the AM... gotta walk the dog!
Our morning walks are long and hot, so I try to not wear a whole lot, obviously! these gem of a pair of shorts used to be my dads! sooooo short!
outfit details: tank: Urban outfitters, shorts: dads hand me downs, sneakers: Walmart

all gussied up for brunch.
On the weekends I get to be a wee bit more sexy .... I probably couldn't get away with this short of a skirt at work, not to mention that I would flash people all day long!  I am newly obsessed with this top, it is flowy and ethereal and hides my brunch belly! 
Outfit Details: skirt and top: Forever 21

walk # 2!
yup, its the second walk, not quite as long... but I just ditched the pretty top for an old scuzzy one and traded the heels for my sneakers, isn't Patrick a lucky dog?!
outfit details: skirt :Forever 21, t-shirt: old, thrifted

going out with friends!
after our evening walk I re-donned my cream top, but paired it with some short shorts (again totally not work appropriate, so I gotta wear them when I can!) and my trusty black cowboy boots!
outfit details:top: Forever 21, shorts:American Apparel

WHEW! and that is my day in outfits!  Actually, this is a short list of outfits, some days I wear upwards of 5 different outfit combos...... exhausting, right?  not really, just nerdy!


Say Say B said...

Where can I learn to be as cool as you?

Joey said...

whatever! you taught me everything I know!

purelovefashion said...

Love the outfit for brunch, the cowboy boots in the last shot are cool too; the black gives them a cool edge.