Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what a tulle.

heres an update on my day!  Im currently putting in some hours as a stitcher over at the Kansas City Ballet.  I usually help them out right befo
re their big shows, since they only have two wardrobe people on staff, they like to use my sewing skills to bust out some costumes. 
 I spent the day on the ruffler, a converted sewing machine that drives like a train (CA-CHUNK, CA-CHUNK) but makes ruffling a breeze.  I made miles and miles of tutus, okay, your right, it was only eleven tutus, but still, as you can tell from the photos by the end of the day we were feeling a little tulle-crazy....

....okay, okay, a LOT tulle-crazy!


craig klein said...

That is my favorite picture of you ever!

Angela said...

Oops, Craig was logged in so I wrote "That is my favorite picture of you ever!" under his name! But I'm sure he agrees. =)