Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a lil-bit!

I am really excited about this post because I am taking this blogging opportunity to showcase a wonderful artist ( and one of my best besties!) Taylor Triano!
She has recently started a blog Just a Little Bit that showcases her work (and life), and I think you should all take this moment to go and check it out!

To give you a little taste of her amazing skill I am sharing the following piece (pair of pieces?) it was a wedding gift from Taylor and we were so honored to own one of her pieces.

Isn't she just amazing? I am always so amazed how she can capture the essence of people (and even animals) and portray them in these little vignettes.

And all of her pieces are built primarily with textiles (drawn on fabric and embroidered), making them especially unique!

So be sure and head over to her blog and maybe even commission your very own "lil-bit" ! and keep your eye on Ms. Lil-Bit, as she is a hugely creative person doing
lots of great things!

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