Thursday, May 12, 2011

monumental beauty

I just discovered this amazing installation, Leviathan, by Anish Kapoor. Every year the Grand Palais in Paris invites an artist to do an installation (Monumenta) in this amazing and historic space. This particular piece just pushes right into the existing space, it's as if this modern orb is having an intimate conversation with the old staircase of the Grand Palais

the INSIDE! so cool! like exploring an alien planet... I've always imagined Mars to be just like this

I just can't stop looking at these images and would lovelovelove to get back to Paris and explore these red shadows and twists and turns

...nothing like a little eye candy for your Thursday morning! to read more check out

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Maggie Lee said...

WOW! This installation is nothing short of incredible!! I can't imagine the construction. Thank you for posting.