Monday, July 11, 2011

mist filled mornings

The air has been so thick with heat and humidity today that you can actually see the mist in the air

and as if you needed further proof that it's crazy humid here, just check out the size of my hair! wow, can you say frizz?!

I am slowly returning to my "normal"/work schedule and routines, which means back to blogging. I found that during my month long vacation I was continuing to take blog photos, but could never bring myself to sit down and actually blog, and since I insist on keeping blogging a fun outlet rather than a burden, a blog hiatus ensued! (sorry)

I find that the more structure (i.e. work) my days have the more productive I am, so now, maybe, I can catch up and share some adventures that I've been partaking in..... maybe..... maybe tomorrow....

outfit details: dress: Forever 21, shoes: Mexico, belt: thrifted