Friday, December 7, 2012

wearing: 16 weeks pregnant!

I am officially unveiling the bump!!  ...tada.....
(actually these photos are from a few weeks ago... we are now almost 18 weeks along!)

I gotta admit that I have had a rough time dressing my ever changing body, many a morning has been spent staring in my closet whining to my husband and trying to stuff myself into all of my old stand-bys.....pathetic would be an accurate description of my morning travails (more like mini tantrums?)!  

This combo of leggings, sensible boots and a longish top/ dress is shaping up to be my favorite look.  I've been forced to make myself more and more leggings to accommodate my new fashion preference, this pair included.  

outfit details: dress: forever 21, sweater: thrifted, boots: Broadway shoes, leggings: made by me