Wednesday, May 20, 2009

its always better down where its wetter...take it from me.

Well, like Sebastian (the singing lobster from The Little Mermaid) says, "its always better down where its wetter, take it from me! Under the sea!"  Unfortunately these little guys wont be getting wet anytime soon (if they do they may shrink, they are made of wool) 

 I put together this fun 3-d needle felting project recently.  I got the needle felting kit from Fancy Tiger, one of my favorite stores in Denver.  The project said it would yield two jellyfish, but I decided to make 3 different sized ones and stick them on a painted plaque with painted twigs, I think it gives them a little atmosphere.  And it kind of feels like they are like a trophy deer head, but way less sad!  Any ideas for other animals or creatures to needle felt?  I'm loving how satisfyingly quick this project was, and pretty cute to boot!


Sam said...

ummm...Sebastian is a crab! As a Disney freak I just had to let you know ;) Very pretty felting!

Joey said...

haha! I was always way more of a Cinderella kid anyway. thanks for the notice though!