Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a rodeo for my mountains.

For the past week or so I have been waking up every morning, real early, with this sort of yearning to go to the mountains.  I grew up in Denver, CO and am missing the smell of fresh dry air on an early summer morning.   When I was younger my mom and my dog and I used to drive up to the foothills and hike for a few hours amongst the pines and aspen trees.  And I miss that escape from the city and the heat.  

Well, we are sorely lacking in mountains here in Kansas City, but I found that there are other wholesome activities to be enjoyed in the fresh air and beautiful countryside of Kansas. Mainly, the RODEO! 

 I convinced my pal Lily to join me on a bit of a 'daycation'  this Saturday.   We drove out to Lawrence, KS for some vintage shopping (they have a great antique mall and several vintage boutiques) and dinner and then we were off to Tonganoxie for the Rodeo and carnival.  It was a small town affair, but we couldn't even find a seat, so we stood along the fence, like true cowboys, with our arms draped across the rails and the horses just feet away.
  The evening was beautiful and just the sort of escape I was craving. 

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Angela said...

those pictures are beautiful. i love the vintage quality your camera produces.