Friday, October 2, 2009

Adventures in canning!

Part III:  you bet I CAN!

And so the saga continues!  I think I've kept you waiting long enough...the truth is that my third canning endeavour is really a short one.  I made pickles using this recipe! ( i added some red peppers) 
 and everything went as it was supposed to.  The truth is that all of my foibles and learning experiences are far more interesting than the easypeasy experiences. 
 My friend Lily said that it is almost the season to can peaches, which sounds great, and now that I am a canning genius, well, at least no longer a novice, peaches should be no big thing!


Kate said...

So, Joey, sister. I love the escapades and foibles of your cullinary exploits. Mom and Dad most recently brought home four dozen potatos from the Monte Vista fields. Two dozen of these ended up in my kitchen and I have tackled 3 whole new recipes and am left with 20 potatos. Some of these will be used as stamping tools for Christmas wrapping paper. The others, if I can find the right place to store them, may last all the way until July. I feel over potatoed at the moment and if anyone has any genius potato recipes to share I'd love to here it. Side note: it is peach season, try a chutney. Mangos are also a key ingrediant. Sadly my peach tree did not produce at all this year. Good luck!

Joey said...

ooohh, katie, its so good to hear from you! i will investigate potato and peach recipes! cant wait!