Friday, October 2, 2009

fairly wonderful!

I attended the Kansas state fair, a few weeks ago, this is the third time that I've attended the state fair.  Each year I try and see something new.  Last year I went to the pig races, the year before I rode every ride I could.  We attended the Heart concert and indulged in fried snickers this year!  SOOOOO good! here are some beautiful words from Emily Dickinson and some photos from my experience!
I've known a Heaven, like a Tent --
To wrap its shining Yards --
Pluck up its stakes, and disappear --
Without the sound of Boards
Or Rip of Nail -- Or Carpenter --
But just the miles of Stare --
That signalize a Show's Retreat --
In North America --

No Trace -- no Figment of the Thing
That dazzled, Yesterday,
No Ring -- no Marvel --
Men, and Feats --
Dissolved as utterly --
As Bird's far Navigation
Discloses just a Hue --
A plash of Oars, a Gaiety --
Then swallowed up, of View

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