Wednesday, January 28, 2009

green machine.

I just finished this rendering today. I think it has a sort of an art deco feel to it, which is strange because it was inspired by some scandinavian drawings and it retained that (scandinavian) quality until i started adding color, which totally transformed it.  I imagine if i had finished it in reds and whites it would have been completely different.  isn't color amazing?! (imagine if i could afford more paint, the options would be limitless! haha.)

I gotta mention that I had an extremely hard time today with all of those fine, metallic lines, mind you, it could be due to the fact that i participated in an insanely strenuous boxing class today at my gym, and have only recently regained normal coloration in my face (no joke i was bright red for like 4 hours).  Anyway, like i was saying, the crazy, uncontrollable shaking in my hands(a direct result of serious butt-kicking), made those final touches a bit, well, touchy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hearts and...

This weekend I had several friends tell me i had to go to the Record Bar and check out the band, Hearts of Darkness.  They describe themselves as Afro-punk , so, initally, I was skeptical(maybe just more confused) but what i found out is that they are an overwhelmingly fun show and they make my body wanna wiggle.  On stage they boast an astounding 12 members who rock it out and keep ya moving.  Their female vocalist, Laura Frank looked fabulous this weekend in a great flower print dress, keeping the band looking colorful and upbeat.  Be sure to check out their great sound at

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inspire me, inspire me.

My friend Andrea sent me a link to this amazing artist, Sandra Buckland.  I love how she manipulates the fabric and the human form to create entirely new shapes. 
 Im obsessed!!!!!  if you want to see more, check out all of her collections at

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pretty, pretty purse.


I forced my boyfriend to snap this photo of me with one of my favorite new birthday gifts, a brown, leather clutch from Mona Enterprises.  
  Mona is a company that was started by my mom (check out her blog at and her friend Paula Carter.  They specialize in beautiful leather bags from Egypt.  This particular design is one by yours truly, that's right, I've designed a few of their featured styles, and have always wanted one of these "lotus clutches".  It comes in lots of different color combos and has the option of a wrist strap or an over the shoulder strap, check it out at 
 I've been using mine a lot lately and it is the perfect petit purse!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ba-Rock it out!

I finished this print just in time for the inaugural celebration.  It has two small croquis that go with it but my scanner is on the fritz and my photos were kinda fuzzy, so ill post them later.  I watched the whole ceremony today with my aunt at her house and like many, i was very impressed and inspired.  Here's to a great future!!

Dino pincushions. aw fer cutes sake!

like i said, fer cutes sake!  I made these two little guys as birthday gifts for my birthday sisters (other fabulous Capricorns who recently helped me celebrate turning one year older).  I was inspired by others I'd seen on Bettyjoy.  I found the Dionsaur toys at world market and they even light up!