Wednesday, October 20, 2010

an ode to autumn!

Well, this is an image heavy post, but I just couldn't resist! Ryan and I went to the Louisburg Cider Mill yesterday evening, and it was pretty and fun and the perfect date for me and Ryan! It was sort of random, cause they were getting close to closing time, and it was a week day, so there was NO ONE around, so we had the entire place to ourselves! Here we are getting lost in the corn maze! I was really bad at figuring out the maze and kept trying to sneak out, but Ryan was persistant and navigated us through it in the end!

There were Tipis and a little fort(filled with Hay) and farm animals (we found an escaped goat hanging out outside of his pen! woops) .....

we walked through the pumpkin patch and picked the perfect one for our porch! I choose a sort of dented/ not sphereical one so that I could carve a ghost face on it for halloween! (p.s. I was shocked that Ryan let me take so many pictures of him! he's usually a bit camera shy! but isn't he cute?)

I had to get a close up of Ryan's shirt! It's an original, embroidered by yours truly!

outfit details: dress, sweater: Target, boots and belt: old

All in all it was a great little escape from the city! the drive was beautiful, the company was great and did I mention that we got a DOZEN cider donuts! yup thats 12 donuts! they are soooo good, so now my belly is full and I am feeling a little sick, but so glad to of celebrated fall by going to the cider mill!


Carole Buschmann said...

Love the biig pictures and am glad Ryan got in a few.

Lilpixie said...

love your outfit looks lik so muc fun