Tuesday, October 26, 2010

trouser trial

I got these trousers on a whim this summer at the H&M in NYC.... I saw them on super sale ($10) near the register and couldn't resist.... alas I didn't even bother trying them on and they turned out to be a bit big (particularly in the bum region)..... what's worse is they tend to become droopier while being worn. So, I've concluded that while they are a nice look, these pants need to either find a new owner, or be seriously altered!

they may look okay here, but by the end of the day I was referring to them as my "depend-able pants" (get it....?) anyhow, in much more exciting news (whats more exciting than ill-fitting pants you ask?!) Well, tonight is the first meeting of the "Literary Lasses" a book club that I started! I am very excited/ nervous! I chose for us to read Edgar Allan Poe (in honor of the spooky season at hand) and I have thoroughly enjoyed scaring myself with his tales and am looking forward to hearing input from the other ladies! I'll be sure to take some photos and let you know how it goes!

outfit details: top: Thrifted, pants:H&M. shoes: Target, scarf:gift from Angela


Vicki said...

LOVE this look!! love denim on denim and those high waisted trs are fab! :) x

Angela said...

I love you. Period.