Thursday, December 9, 2010


I wore this to a holiday party this week and felt very festive !

The holidays are always so busy and not to complain or anything (cause here I go complaining), but they are especially busy for me, as I work straight thru till the 24th ( by helping to bring the holiday tradition of Nutcracker to Kansas City) .. I feel like I am way behind... I hardly have any gifts and worse than that I am having a hard time thinking of good gift ideas this year! Not to mention that it just doesn't feel like christmas time with out any snow! I mean seriously we haven't had ANY snow!

but on a more positive note I am super excited that I found time to decorate our house, our little tree is up and decorated and we have lights on the front of our house! sooo festive!

Look, Simon snuck into this photo!

outfit details : dress, sweater, boots: Forever 21, tights: Walmart


lindsey.ann said...

haaaa! simon. also- you look lovely!

Junebug Funeral said...

love the dress and the surprise Simon appearance. happy holidays!!!

(i'm having a housewarming/holiday party Dec. 17th @ my apt. please come! *816.668.5756 text me/call me and i can give you my address!)