Monday, November 22, 2010

black velvet if you please

I sorta feel like im losing it (by it i mean my marbles) ... as of today I've worked six days in a row and I still have one more day to go before I get any time off. beyond just being a long week this week has been a hard week of work, the Nutcracker is FAST approaching and we are busybusybusy in the costume shop. So I am realllllly looking forward to some time off and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! I'm so excited to spend time with family and eat great food and be completely inert! I've been wearing all black all week (reflecting my mood perhaps?)

Im fairly certain that these velvet leggings would not be work appropriate for most people, but I figure since half of my coworkers(the ballet dancers) run around in leotards and booty shorts, I can sport my black velvet leggings!

I feel sorty of witchy/ janis joplin-y in this get up and the best thing... Im so comfortable I feel like I'm wearing my pajamas!

outfit details: leggings and top: Target, sweater: Forever 21, boots:ooold
okay, well, Im off to work, Wish me luck! have a happy monday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a lil-bit!

I am really excited about this post because I am taking this blogging opportunity to showcase a wonderful artist ( and one of my best besties!) Taylor Triano!
She has recently started a blog Just a Little Bit that showcases her work (and life), and I think you should all take this moment to go and check it out!

To give you a little taste of her amazing skill I am sharing the following piece (pair of pieces?) it was a wedding gift from Taylor and we were so honored to own one of her pieces.

Isn't she just amazing? I am always so amazed how she can capture the essence of people (and even animals) and portray them in these little vignettes.

And all of her pieces are built primarily with textiles (drawn on fabric and embroidered), making them especially unique!

So be sure and head over to her blog and maybe even commission your very own "lil-bit" ! and keep your eye on Ms. Lil-Bit, as she is a hugely creative person doing
lots of great things!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

things I wore this week!

Although I've been remiss about posting this week I have actually taken the first step, by taking outfit photos all week, but I haven't found the time to post them... so here is a sample of my week, in outfits!

My work weeks are all mixed up during Nutcracker season, so my "Monday" is really on Wednesday. This is what I wore on Wednesday, I was feeling sort of like I belonged in "That 70's Show" in this outfit! (I love that show!)

I was feeling sassssssy on Friday and wore this new shirt dress thingy and my heeled boots, but man oh man, my feet were so mad at me by the end of the day, I ended up standing and running around all day (we had photo shoots for the nutcracker kids) and I was wishing my skirt was longer and my heels were shorter.... c'est la vie...

Today's outfit choice was in direct response to being uncomfortable yesterday.... I went casual and comfy in jeans and cowboy boots!

and there ya have it.... some of the things I wore this week... upon re-reading this post it seems pretty shallow all of a sudden, not that I intend for this blog to be very deep, it is just a sort of fun outlet for me, but maybe I'll try to share some of the more creative endeavours in my life, soon, instead of just my outfit choices! ..although those are sometimes a creative endeavour!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

going to extremes

For the past week I've been vacillating between being incredibly busy and have long bouts of extreme laziness! so I've been basically m.i.a. to not just the blogging world but everyone else as well! so heres a quick post to get me back into the groove of things....

It was crrrazy windy today! look at my hair flowing.... extreme photos!

It's getting cold here.. so jackets are becoming an essential part of my outfits!

outfit details:shoes:Target, jeans and blouse: Urban Outfitters, jacket:J Crew, scarf:gift from my sista