Wednesday, December 15, 2010

peace in the animal kingdom

Today I am working, but not at the theater so I am taking advantage of this rare theater-free day to wear some not-black clothing, and a dress too!

I got this dress for one of my wedding showers (in August) and haven't worn it since.. but it is very pretty and I like the contrast of the big chunky sweaters (and sweater tights) with a chiffony dress.

outfit details: dress: Forever 21, sweater, tights: Target, boots: Walmart

here I am showing off two of my favorite new things! my AAAwesome double turquoise ring (from Urban) and a braided belt (which I thrifted yesterday when I should of been x-mas shopping) how is everyones christmas shopping going? I am getting a bit stressed out about finding everything/ making everything that I need to!

...and here is a special treat from my two little guys(patrick on the left and Simon on the right)... they are truely feeling the christmas spirit (peace on earth and all that) normally they run around biting and swatting at each other, but here they are almost cuddling!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I wore this to a holiday party this week and felt very festive !

The holidays are always so busy and not to complain or anything (cause here I go complaining), but they are especially busy for me, as I work straight thru till the 24th ( by helping to bring the holiday tradition of Nutcracker to Kansas City) .. I feel like I am way behind... I hardly have any gifts and worse than that I am having a hard time thinking of good gift ideas this year! Not to mention that it just doesn't feel like christmas time with out any snow! I mean seriously we haven't had ANY snow!

but on a more positive note I am super excited that I found time to decorate our house, our little tree is up and decorated and we have lights on the front of our house! sooo festive!

Look, Simon snuck into this photo!

outfit details : dress, sweater, boots: Forever 21, tights: Walmart