Saturday, February 19, 2011

is there something on my head?

... haha, yup, actually it's a half finished classical tutu that I am making. very haute couture!

have a happy weekend (mine doesn't start till tomorrow, boo)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valentines leftovers.

I saw this heart shaped balloon stuck in this wintry tree yesterday... so sweet and sorta sad... who lost their balloons?

....and here we are on our way out the door to go on our Valentines day date!

Monday, February 14, 2011

saying it with words.





outfit details: dress, belt: thrifted, coat: Nordstroms, boots: old

food and love.

have I mentioned before that I am in LOVE with Valentines day? what can I say, I love a holiday that revolves around being all lovey and crafty! you can see what I've done in the past here , here and here. but this year I've been in a cooking frenzy and it is just so easy to make any food valentines themed (just make it into a heart shape!) I made this pizza yesterday for lunch....yummm

and todays breakfast was crepes with nutella and strawberriess (and homemade juice and a giant plate of bacon! cause what guy doesn't love bacon?) Tonight we are going out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and I am excited to get all dolled up!... pictures to come soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

snow sleuth.

I think I like my outer garments better than my actual outfit today... can you imagine me at my sewing machine wearing this fur coat and hat? well, that's what I wanted to do, but alas, it just didn't seem practical!

outfit details:coat :moms, hat/ belt:thrifted, jeans: Urban Outfitters, shirt: borrowed

This is my "dick tracey" outfit, the coat was my moms (hence why the sleeves are so short), and I thrifted this awesome stetson hat this weekend! I feel like I could solve some crimes alongside Nancy Drew.

peasant past.

I've been working on "peasant" costumes recently at the ballet for our upcoming show of Giselle and perchance they have inspired my outfit today?

outfit details: dress/ boots/ belt: thrifted, tights/ socks: Target
On a weird side note.... I realized that I've owned and consistantly worn this dress since I was 18! thats 9 years... and I am still wearing it! I don't know if this fact just makes me feel old... actually I thought, man, I haven't changed in 9 years, but truthfully I've always had the same taste,hopefully, it's just been refined and fine tuned over the years, I am just glad that Ino longer wear jelly bracelets. tehe.

p.s. big props to my buddy T-Lex for taking my outfit photos, you're a peach!