Friday, January 7, 2011


aaaah, *sigh* , I am feeling very sigh-y (?) now that the holidays are over. I was just soooo busy! I worked straight thru the 24th and then jetted off to Colorado to visit my family and celebrate christmas, only to return for new years, get my party on and then..... back to work! whew! its taken me almost all week to get back in the groove of things (i.e. not pressing the snooze button all morning) and now I finally feel like I have my schedule in check enough that I can blog! yay! and I have been sighing cause I'm exhausted and because I am just glad to be back at home! *sigh*

this outfit is one that I rocked over the holidays.. it was very festive with its dark green color and I just LOOOOOOVE wearing velvet! (is it weird that I find myself rubbing the nap all day...yeah, its weird, I know!) *sigh*

outfit details: dress, belt, boots: thrifted, tights: Walmart

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Molly said...

I ADORE that dress! Deep green velvet is kind of my favorite thing in the world. I have a pair of dark green velvet brogues from Modcloth and I'm obsessed with them. Plus, they go great with auburn hair!

Love your looks, lady!