Monday, January 10, 2011


Yay, I have a snow day today! which means my normal 2 day weekend just became a fabulous 3 day weekend! really, shouldn't all weekends be 3 days? one day to relax, one day for chores and one day to do all of those things you never have the time to do!? right? that's what I've been doing today... reading, drawing, blogging, cooking, relaxing, shoveling snow!

I decided to do a bit of a "posed" outfit photo today. See, I didn't really wear this today (I've been wearing leggings and a sweatshirt all day!) So this is actually the outfit that I wore new years eve! (all of my photos from that night were atrocious)

I love this vintage dress that I thrifted a while ago, all of the little white dots are 3-d little metal grommet-y things. I chopped about a foot off the skirt (which was a bit ambitious, cause I had to resew on about 3 inches, cause my bum was hanging out! woops)

and in honor of all of this snow I got to pull out my Russian princess coat! I sure love this coat... and yes I hung my coat in the tree.... I didn't want it to get snowy! tehe.
outfit details: dress, coat:thrifted, boots:Target, tights:Walmart, necklace:World Market


maggeygrace said...

I love the pattern on your dress and your hair is positively gorgeous. I want it! I'm jealous:)

Mary said...

You look so beautiful in the winter white snow, your beautiful red hair blazes like a fire! I love the coat, and dress with tights.. Too Cute.

Junebug Funeral said...

you look so beautiful in that coat and in the snow! it just seems right, like you're a viking woman! i'm having ladies night at my apt. if you want to come over! 202 w. 36th st. apt 2W. Tonight!!