Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a grab bag! (some things I've been doing, while not blogging for the past 2 months!)

mmmmK, so here goes, a collection of photos that I've been snapping and things I've been doing for the past couple months! (total image/info overload!)

the days are getting shorter, but while the summer lasts me and my gals have been into some serious porch sitting!

...All gussied up for a big KC Ballet event!

My mom found this beautiful dress at a vintage store and sent it to me for my birthday last year! the color is amazing! I gave tours of the costume shop that evening and all the guests asked me about this bright, beautiful dress! Thanks mom!

....speaking of my mom, I visited my family in Colorado, we had a ton of fun and visited the Estes Park Highland Festival. When we were kids my sister and I used to compete in scottish dancing, so we would go to these festivals all the time, its been a while since we've been to one, but we had a blast. Here my mom and I are relaxing in the shade (sporting our McLeod tartans!)

dork alert! I also got to ride my dads vespa! can you tell I was nervous?!

...Ryan and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary! (and some very sweet fairies decorated our car!)

...on the heart/ love theme, my friend Lily sent me this awesome hand-made pin cushion!

......whew, obviously I've been busy traveling and working and not blogging, but alas, life happens!

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Lily said...

Yea! so glad it's getting some love!