Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sniffles and fountains

Do not let these sunny photos fool you! in all honest grossness I must admit... I have been sitting in approximately the exact same spot for the past three days, suffering from a severe cold! My trusty puppy, Patrick, has been my constant companion, along with an ever growing pile of tissues...its been fairly pathetic. But in all my sickly boredom (spent trolling Pinterest, watching a "Hell on Wheels" marathon and sleeping) I unearthed these sunny, happy, snot-free photos that my mom took while she was visiting me a few months ago!

Did you know that Kansas City has the nations most fountains?! It is in fact the "City of Fountains."

This particular fountain is a beauty! It is right in the heart of our 'Plaza' and there are always people around it having their photos taken (wedding parties especially) and enjoying all of its grandeur!

Alas, now the fountain is most likely empty and full of fallen leaves and I am condemned to sniffling on the couch wishing for healthier and sunnier days.

outfit details: dress, jacket and belt: thrifted, boots:Target


Dina said...

I really like the outfit! I also like your style, so I'm a new follower =)

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! I like the 90's flare to your outfit.