Tuesday, December 13, 2011

night moves!

Remember those crazy purple and gold unitards that I made for a music video recently? well, after all of those lovely ladies wore some of that velour lycra they wanted MORE! thats right some of those super cute hip gals commissioned me to make some other unitards and such for them! I've been inspired by their requests and I have even made some for myself!

here I am wearing a pair of high-waisted black velvet leggings that I made for myself ( I basically wear them everyday now!)

my friend Sarah is a drummer for a band The Devil and she asked me to make this awesome long sleeved black velour unitard with fringe on the sleeves! she looks amazing in it and you should of seen her drum in it! fringe was flying!

my pal Caitlin requested this leopard print unitard and I was pleased to oblige! Check out this awesome cloak that I received from a dear family friend! Sooooo Magical!
All of the gals who have been requesting unitards have been super inspiring and I am really loving making them unique/ crazy/ awesome outfits!

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Carole Buschmann said...

ooh the Cape is perfect!! I love all the cool unitard combinations. Good job.