Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas duds

Ryan and I spent christmas with his family this year, as a married couple we've taken to switching holidays between our respective families. So this year we spent Thanksgiving in Colorado with my family and Christmas in Kansas with his family. We had a beautiful fun-filled and festive day. I always wonder how it is that sitting around opening gifts, chatting and catching up and eating copious amounts of food can be so darn exhausting??? we were all wiped by the end of the night!

This year we decided to dress up for our christmas dinner. So, I found this vintage dress a few weeks ago while thrifting and although it needed some altering (it was HUGE! and had crazy baggy sleeves), it was just the perfect Christmas red, so I bought it. In the end I wasn't totally happy with its shape but it worked..... and after I threw on my favorite christmas coat and some textured tights I felt super festive! (again, I wish I could wear my coats all day, sometimes they just make an outfit!)

I snapped this picture of a pretty christmas sunset last night while walking my puppy. The sky is always amazingly beautiful out in the Kansas countryside!

outfit details: dress, coat: thrifted, tights: Forever 21, shoes: Dillards

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Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

That is a beautiful Christmas dress! I always love to dress up for Christmas dinner, even if it isn't really necessary. : )