Friday, January 14, 2011

one week ago.

I actually wore this outfit LAST Friday (sorry for the shotty indoor shots). I remember putting it on and feeling really sharp! I dont know if it was the velvet blazer, the AA body suit, the gold socks or my new clogs (I'm obsessed with my new shoes, best xmas gift eva!)... but I danced around all day and bugged my boss by flashing her my golden toes! Today I am actually rocking the boring all black because I have to work Shrek the musical tonight! (funfun~!) have a great Friday!

ahhhh, Patrick! the puppy likes my new shoes too!
outfit details: blazer:thrifted, top: American Apparel, jeans: Urban, shoes: BC shoes, socks: ?walmart?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow day= food day

I made these awesome baked Turkey Taquitos yesterday on my bonus snow day! I love looking at food blogs and baked bree is one of my favorites! she always makes such beautiful food with complete ease!

I loved this recipe because it was super easy AND it made a ton of food (a whole casserole dish full of tasty taquitos)! I guess its back to work today.... although I sure wouldn't mind another snow day of cooking and relaxing! ahhhh

Monday, January 10, 2011


Yay, I have a snow day today! which means my normal 2 day weekend just became a fabulous 3 day weekend! really, shouldn't all weekends be 3 days? one day to relax, one day for chores and one day to do all of those things you never have the time to do!? right? that's what I've been doing today... reading, drawing, blogging, cooking, relaxing, shoveling snow!

I decided to do a bit of a "posed" outfit photo today. See, I didn't really wear this today (I've been wearing leggings and a sweatshirt all day!) So this is actually the outfit that I wore new years eve! (all of my photos from that night were atrocious)

I love this vintage dress that I thrifted a while ago, all of the little white dots are 3-d little metal grommet-y things. I chopped about a foot off the skirt (which was a bit ambitious, cause I had to resew on about 3 inches, cause my bum was hanging out! woops)

and in honor of all of this snow I got to pull out my Russian princess coat! I sure love this coat... and yes I hung my coat in the tree.... I didn't want it to get snowy! tehe.
outfit details: dress, coat:thrifted, boots:Target, tights:Walmart, necklace:World Market

Friday, January 7, 2011


aaaah, *sigh* , I am feeling very sigh-y (?) now that the holidays are over. I was just soooo busy! I worked straight thru the 24th and then jetted off to Colorado to visit my family and celebrate christmas, only to return for new years, get my party on and then..... back to work! whew! its taken me almost all week to get back in the groove of things (i.e. not pressing the snooze button all morning) and now I finally feel like I have my schedule in check enough that I can blog! yay! and I have been sighing cause I'm exhausted and because I am just glad to be back at home! *sigh*

this outfit is one that I rocked over the holidays.. it was very festive with its dark green color and I just LOOOOOOVE wearing velvet! (is it weird that I find myself rubbing the nap all day...yeah, its weird, I know!) *sigh*

outfit details: dress, belt, boots: thrifted, tights: Walmart