Monday, July 30, 2012

wearing: summer spots

I am going to just pretend like I haven't been tragically absent from the blog (don't worry, it was only due to pure laziness!) and just resume my sporadic/hopefully more regular posting!  

So, not to sound like everyone else all summer, but 'DANG, it's hot out lately!' right?  just look at all of those sad dead leaves in my backyard! its only July, there should not be crunchy fall leaves that need to be raked! (or mowed into oblivion, as may be the case in our yard!)
This heat has lead to a bit of a personal fashion drought (see what I did there? haha) My standard wardrobe has been cut-off shorts and breezy tops/ tiny tank tops.... so basically this exact outfit.  It has made me yearn for fall and cooler temperatures so I can get out of this style rut!

I've been forced to get creative with ways of keeping my crazy hot hair up and breezy (seriously I feel like I am wearing a super thick wool hat on my head most of the time).  Braids have been my cure for the boredom of the daily top knot bun.  And I rather like this particular side braid/ wrap thing I concocted today.  

outfit details: top and shorts: thrifted, shoes: Minnetonka


Andrea Glinn said...

love the hair! where's your smile and your upward energy? i know it's in there!

Joey said...

haha, my smile got lost in my efforts to look cool and nonchalant!

Carole Buschmann said...

Yeaaaah! You're back always worth the wait.


Thank you for stopping by my blog lovely! I really like your hair braid so pretty!

Jennifer said...

I love your hair like that! And yes, it is dayum hot lately!

xo Jennifer