Thursday, August 2, 2012

Party Time: an ice cream and indian bridal shower

I recently helped host a bridal shower in my backyard, and all of the crafting, decorating and planning was right up my alley!  The shower had an indian theme with an ice cream sundae bar (two things the bride to be really digs!).  
We made feather streamers and custom tablecloths for decorating, along with some cute head dresses to get everyone in the spirit.  (as if the Pocohontas soundtrack that played on repeat wasn't enough!) The piece de resistance may have been the homemade teepee, or maybe the ice cream..... tough decision!
And now I am going to inundate you with photos, cause I think that they basically speak for themselves and are totally adorable to boot!

What a great party!  Some laughed at us for having an outdoor ice cream sundae party in 103 degree heat (calling it a potential milkshake party!), but the ice cream stayed cool and the party was a complete success!

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