Friday, August 10, 2012

wearing: wedding guest best

We attended our friends wedding last weekend and had a TON of fun! Lets just say not only was there a serve yourself candy station, build your own mac and cheese for dinner, but they also had their own version of BUTTERBEER! (all you non Harry Potter fans better just read up if you want to know what I'm talking about!) 

I love a wedding...all the happy people, family and friends, dancing and good food and getting all gussied up is always fun too! (especially if you get a brand new dress, like I did!)

...and look, the Mr. even agreed to be in a photo with me! how dapper he looks!!

outfit details: dress: Forever 21, boots: Urban Outfitters, belt & purse: Thrifted (and YES thats a weave on my head! just had to be honest about that crazy amount of hair I'm rocking!)