Friday, February 5, 2010

the end of an era!

Thunder Eagle... Rocking out!!!!
... that's right folks in the words of my friend Stephanie.... tonight "Rock sinks to the ocean floor and slowly takes in its last dying breath.  Lungs filling with water and mud.  Fair thee well Thunder Eagle."....okay, so , let me explain....  My fiance, Ryan, has been in a band, Thunder Eagle for the past few years, they are a butt-kicking, good-ole, rocking and rolling time, kinda band!  serious fun!  but like all good things the thunder eagle era is coming to an end...tonight, actually!  (so if you are in KC come to the riot room and wish the self-proclaimed gods of rock, 'adieu')
Obviously my outfit for tonight's festivities had to be sufficiently rocking (I am even wearing my trusty Thunder Eagle shirt). 
 I got this lace top at the thrift store and cut off the ugly turtle neck it once bore.  I went the whole nine yards and took these glam/rock photos, I feel a bit narcissistic, but hey, that's kind of the name of the blogging game, eh?  
Have a great weekend!
outfit details: boots:thrifted, skirt: American Apparel, shirt:Thunder Eagle Concert, Lace shirt: thrifted


The Style Rider said...

Your hair looks so beautiful!
Lovely shirt!

Angela said...

These are some of my favorite photos of you. I think its because this is the sexy Joey that I have come to know and love.

taylor said...