Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy (early) Valentines day!

...well, since, my boy, Ryan, has to work every night for the rest of the week we decided to have our valentines celebration tonight... we both got all dressed up and then had a great night.  We went out to eat at a cute little restaurant called PotPie, then we had dessert at Ryan's reastaurant (where he works, not HIS restaurant)...I'm a sucker for coffee and chocolate cake and I went a little overboard, but, all in all it was a lovely night with a great guy! (if I say so myself!) 
outfit details: lace top: thrifted, skirt:Forever 21, tights: walmart, boots:thrifted
apparently I am very fidgety and Ryan is very photogenic...alas, such is life.

currently, we are winding down the night by watching Spinal Tap (pure Romance) and getting cozy on the couch!  Hope your Valentines is as amazing as mine!  xoxo

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Angela said...

awww you guys are adorable. i love the first picture. it looks like you forced ryan to stand there. haha. my roommate thought that pic was for an editorial.