Thursday, February 11, 2010

what'cha reading?

so... what'cha been reading lately?  I am a self-proclaimed "avid reader"  and I am always looking for something new to read, as I go through books really quickly, so if you have any good suggestions, let me know!  I love all genres, but I especially like reading classic romance novels during this time of year (the Valentines season)!  
I just inadvertently read two dog related books in a row, the first was The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wroblewski, a story about a mute boy who grows up raising dogs and goes through some seriously heavy life was very sad and moving and made me want to go directly to the pound and adopt every dog I saw!  the 2nd was  The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein, which is a story of a modern family told from the point of view of Enzo, the family is so sweet and seriously laugh out loud funny.  these were both good reads and I give them my stamp of approval, but beware, you may have the urge to adopt every dog you see!
I embroidered this little wheat motif!
a very festive bracelet (have I mentioned I love valentines day?!)
I am going to pick up one of my all time favorite books this evening, Pride and prejudice, by Jane Austen.  It is my go to book, when I am out of new material, and it also fulfills my need for romantic love scenes and beautiful landscapes!  happy reading!
outfit details: skirt: Forever 21, tights:really old (i just refound them!), sweater: gap, shirt: thrifted (embellished by me)


Molly said...

i LOVE the embellishment you added. It changes the whole look.

I didn't get it done said...

i love that wheat!

Sam said...

Are you on Good Reads? I am in a Jane Austen book club if you want to join ;)

I just wrapping up Mansfield Park.

Amy said...

Have you read the Outlander series? It seems like a natural fit for a part-Scot-romantic like yourself...