Friday, March 26, 2010

Jo does dots.

I don't think I've ever owned/ rocked a polka dot dress before, but these dots are subtle enough to be more of an all over pattern, rather than a minnie-mouse like dress!  
I have to point out this awesome belt, which my mom gave me last time that I visited her.  It used to be hers (she's so stylish)  it is a ceramic piece, isn't that neat?!  
The sun is starting to shine on a regular basis here in KC, and I can't wait to let my legs out of the tights, as it were!   yay!
outfit details: dress: thrifted/diy, tights:target, boots: gift, belt: Mom's closet, bracelets: F21

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Passport Smiles said...

I really like this outfit. My best belts are also found in my mom's closet.