Wednesday, March 3, 2010

heeell-o, blog world!

that's right! I'm back....well, it's been a very very busy past couple of weeks!  I basically worked two shows simultaneously (Broadway's Young Frankenstein, super funny! and the KC Ballet's Winter Show)  both were great shows, and I promise, I am not complaining...I chose to work like, on the bright side, now my 9-5 job seems like a really easy day! 
You can't really tell in these photos put I had my bangs chopped, they are very cute and short ( I used to always have them short like this, but I thought I needed to look more grown-up, hence the side sweep!  but I was too annoyed with them always being in my short bangs it is! 
Well, since I've been so busy with work I really have nothing else to report, I've been incredibly boring and hardworking lately! But I am very excited to be wearing color, and skirts/dresses, which are both things that I don't wear while working shows!
On a side note, have I mentioned that I live right by a breakfast diner? well, I do...and everytime I step outside in the morning to take my photos I am overwhelmed by the smell of bacon and syrup!  Its is delicious smelling and heart breaking at the same time, because I have to go inside and be content with my toast and oatmeal!


Molly said...

love your dress :D

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I LOVE that dress! So much. I couldn't handle living next to a diner.. that smelled like such amazing breakfast foods! Ugh! I'd be a goner! Haha! Pancakes are my weakness.