Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the view up here...

.. up where?  why from the top of a van. "What? from atop a van"  you may ask, thats right.
  Let me explain....  I was so excited yesterday when I got off work and it was still sunny out!  I ran some errands and it was STILL sunny by the time I got home.  But, alas, my entire backyard was covered in shadow, so I peered around in vain when suddenly I noticed that the sun was still gracing the top of our van (that's right folks, Ryan and I are the proud babysitters of a totally dead, yup it WONT move, giant red van that belongs to no one person, but an entire defunct band! so, normally, I resent that darn van and the fact that it takes up half my backyard and my parking spot, whew...rant over) so I decided to take advantage of this eyesore and climb up towards the sun!  I scaled that ugly van in 2 seconds flat and soon realized that this wasn't a very bright idea (really!)  I precariously fought with the tree that took up half of the van roof and suffered the giant groaning sounds of the roof threatening to cave in...
moral of the story, my photos are kinda crap cause I was stuck on a van roof, wrestling with a tree, trying to make room for my tripod and to not plummet trough the roof!

haha, sorry for the extreme sarcasm in this post!  I guess it's just gonna be one of those, slightly ridiculous days (or just a normal day if I'm totally honest with myself!)
outfit details: skirt:Urban Outfitters, tights & scarf:Target, blouse: thrifted

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Angela said...

Haha, yep sounds like a normal day for me.